Zaunstar is a perpetually boring YouTuber who discusses atheism, religion, sciences, politics, travel, and pop culture in his own words. Smart, straight and to the point, Zaunstar is known to call bullshit where it is, even though he is known to do it in the most drab way possible. He is also known to be infrequent in his video posting on his own channel, with new videos typically coming out every month or so.

Zaunstar and Coughlan03:55

Zaunstar and Coughlan

On DP 

His first appearance was in episode 35. Normally, he's pretty boring on his channel. However on DP his presence was enjoyable, where he gave funny commentary on the topics brought up.

He was announced to make another guest appearance in the summer of 2015, but this sadly didn't occur.

He also reappeared on episode 195 where he debated Dusty Smith on the validity of Matt Dillahunty's wife's post that said only white people can be racist. Zaunstar claimed that Dusty straw-manned Dillacunty's wife and said her post was trying to promote international racism awareness.


  • He started making videos on a regular basis in 2009.
  • He somehow knows or used to know Richard Coughlan.
  • His viewerbase is referred to as the "Crockaduck Army."
  • He was born in 1973.
  • He is the long lost brother of actor Mathew Broderick.

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