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The Amazing Mutt01:32

The Amazing Mutt

Yujiro is Scotty's dog and the arch nemesis of Grendel. Yujiro is often in the studio with when the Drunken Peasants are live. Much like Grendel, Yujiro has secret plans to use Drunken Peasants to achieve world domination. Yujiro's breed is not known, however he is believed to be a Chupacabra.

He was present at the Drunken Peasants Cookout, eagerly awaiting the roasting of his canine counterpart. He is named after some faggot wrestler.



  • As seen on TJ's Instagram.
  • When he was just a puppy.
  • Playing with a Young Scotty Cena
  • At the DP Cookout.
  • TJ trying to snap his neck.

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