Pseudo-Bill Nye

Todd Friel (aka Bill Nye's evil twin), is the host of Wretched, an appropriately named Christian show.

He makes arguments about things that he finds immoral, which are of course nonsensical. The camera follows him around a room while he spouts bullshit and pretends to be smart. He has also worked with Kirk Cameron and Ray Cumfart. How surprising. He alsow has a wretched asshole making hum unable to shit propperly so he expells his crap out his mouth .

Videos of his show been featured a few times on the Drunken Peasants.


  • He defended a child molester (Josh Duggar) because Jesus, and Eric Hovind praised it[1].
  • He compared the United States allowing abortions to Nazi Germany's concentration camps[2]. Damn.
  • He wants you to go serve your king[3].
  • He was offended by a Jesus action figure[4].
  • You may be depressed or sick because you need Christianity, according to him[5].
  • He looks like my old gym teacher. So Todd Friel is probably from New England.


  • "Fighting like nahhahahahahahahahahhaahhaha!"



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