Shut Up Wesley Remix00:30

Shut Up Wesley Remix

Featured on the show.


Look at this smarmy bitch.

"Shut up Wesley!"
—Captain Jean-Luc Picard to Weaton's character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Wil (shut up Wesley) Wheaton (pronounced with emphasis on the h) is a smarmy douchebag who looks like Ted Cruz got lost in the woods. He is an "actor" who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek. Now, he is a white knight who loves niggers. He and TJ have a mutual dislike for one another. He published a love letter to Anita Sarkeesian in TIME Magazine.

His main accomplishments are looking like a 12-year-old boy (despite being in his forties and having a beard) and being married to a giant cunt.

Anne Wheaton

"I know I am a good person."
—Anne Wheaton gets almost as pretentious as one can possibly be.
People who say this often are the worst people and have the most skeletons in their closet.

Anne Wheaton is the scumbag cunt feminist wife of Wil (shut up Wesley) Wheaton. An article on her was featured in Episode 110 of the Drunken Peasants when she started donating money to Feminist Frequency everytime she received an angry tweet (and by angry tweet we mean criticism or disagreement of any kind) from GamerGaters [1]. TJ said she might as well throw her money in a burlap sack and burn it.

Censure Wheaton Campaign

"How do you feel about Wil Wheaton, Paul?

"Isn't he like a hardcore SJW?"


"I hate him." - Episode 116

The Censure Wheaton Campaign (or #CensureWheaton) is a campaign launched by Drunken Peasants to have Wil (shut up Wesley) Wheaton executed for being a faggot. It was part of the title for Episode 108. It is a reflection of Wil (shut up Wesley) Wheaton's antagonism towards DP and TJ.



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