"You know that hole in the ground we once called England? It's now called Londonistan, full of Indians!"

The United Kingdom, also known simply as the UK or Great Britain, is the seat of the world government, The Fuckwits of Nations located in northwestern Europe. The UK's capital is Pandon, also known as Londonistan. The whole country is ruled by a fat bitch with a bad sense of fashion and saggy tits alongside her pet monkey, David Cameron.

The UK is comprised primarily of England, which is joined in a union with the leeches known as Scotland (Also known as Kiltistan), Wales, and Northern Ireland (Also known as Leprechaunistan). They recently had an election where they fucked up and let the cunts stay in power, only the majority of Scotland voted against the tyranny.


The peasants often poke fun at the Brits during the show, being that there's so much material for it. They have had several guests who are from the UK including: Sargon of Akkad, TheRPGMinx, and Thunderf00t.

When some dumb ass in Scotland fucked around on a train, some Scottish dude didn't take that shit and threw his ass straight off the train raped him on the spot. On Episode 191, The peasants discussed ISIS threatening London with a "dirty bomb."

The country was one of the destination of the peasants during the Europe Trip and one of two locations for their meetups with fans. TJ once claimed he would try to usurp the British throne during his visit, but he pussied out.

British Culture

"'Ello Govna!"
—This is Britishese for "Hello, how are you?"

They play a lot of soccer, which honestly is a shitty sport. It really is. You're not poor, stop playing a sport designed for people who can't afford equipment for an actually interesting game. Soccer's for those massive-assed wetbacks down in Brazil. They also play a shitty ripoff of good 'ol Murican Baseball called Cricket. It's named after a cheap phone service and the game makes absolutely no sense.

Kate middleton teeth
The Conservatives are the dominant political power in Britain who are about as conservative (in U.S terms) as Bernie Sanders. They are reverent towards Muhammad, so long as you display reverence by getting fucked in the ass.

The average citizen.

A prominent city in the UK is Birminghamistan. It is comprised entirely of Muslims and white people are slaughtered there on a daily basis in the city's many "no-go zones".




The Big Muhammad Tower in Londonistan.

This city is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is 99% Muslim because of the UK's lax immigration laws. When the UK first opened its borders to A-rabs, the crime rate in Londonistan skyrocketed 6000%. Nowadays,Anglo-Saxons can't go outside without being robbed, raped, and murdered. The only way this can be reversed is if we elect Nigel Farage as Prime Minister.


This is another city in England. It has fallen entire under the jurisdiction of Muslim insurgents. FOX News did an entirely factual report on Birminghamistan, devoid of any hyperbole. Birminghamistan is 85-90% Muslim. Fortunately, good white folk such as The Gerudo Dragon and God are working diligently to reclaim the city from Allah and his team of ragtag scoundrels.



The flag of England. Highly offensive to mooslims.


England is a country in the United Kingdom. It is best known for being extremely evil and oppressive. Its leader is a total twat. They are pretty much the only ones with any say in the United Kingdom, it's sister nations being along on the ever declining ride.

The Romans ruled for several centuries until they became quivering pussies and withdrew their armies from Britain. For several centuries following, England was invaded by everyone imaginable: Swedes, Danes, Germans - hell, even the Frenchies got in on that action. England was basically Europe's cum dumpster. Many of these invaders settled in England and tried to teach them to stop being pussies, and it worked (until the late 20th century).

However, during the 20th century, the English people realized that they were worthless dickholes and therefore were not fit to rule anyone.


1280px-Flag of Scotland.svg-0

Scotland's flag.

Scotland is a lousy half-wit nation co-ruled by the Loch Ness Monster and Kaiser Scotty. It is where they fuck TJ on a bi-weekly basis.

Scotland had four way intercourse with England, Ireland and Wales and a baby called the United Kingdom came out of Scotland's cunt. TJ and Scotty are of Scottish ancestry, and TJ has a dislike of England and English Faggots. Scotland had a chance to be independent in 2014, but they fucked it up.


Flag of Wales 2.svg

Wales, the only fuckers with an unorthodox flag.

Wales is a small, unimportant country within the United Kingdom located within on the British Isles. While the scenery is astounding, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the people. The national sport involves sodomizing newborn goats.

Being that it's the least religious country in the UK. Richard Dawkins has subsequently offered nation-wide fellatio to Wales. Despite relying on them for pretty much anything, Wales has England blocked on Twitter. England has since declared itself the winner.

The Welsh word for Brazilian women whose breasts and buttocks account for 90% of their body weight is, "sheep." This has generated considerable confusion in the past.

Northern Ireland


The flag of the USA

It's shit.

United States of America

The USA is one of the largest countries in the British empire, second only to Canada The USA is know for having a Secular society that is open to all, regardless of ones religion, race, or sexuality. Many great people come from the US such as, Hilary Clinton , Bernie Sanders, Steve Shives, and Jonathan McIntosh


  • Not surprisingly, America's bad haircut is still a commonwealth of the UK.
  • Ireland was once a member of the UK, however they threw a shit fit after the English killed some rebels of theirs and left.
  • Wales has England blocked on Twitter. England has subsequently declared itself the winner.
  • They pronounce the letter "z" like "zed". Why can't they just talk normal?
  • TJ doesn't like the Brits because he's a piece of filth.
  • Fantastic individuals have hailed from the UK, such as Gorilla199.
  • British also drink tea. A lot of tea. All day, Everyday. Their teeth are mushy, crooked, and yellow as a result.


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