Twitter or Twatter is a website full of stupid bullshit. It is probably one of the most unintelligent websites on the whole internet, in terms of the users on the site. A lot of people use this website, such as TJ and the Drunken Peasants.

Role in the Jihad of SJWs

If Tumblr is the main hive of Feminism, Twitter is the retarded love child it wishes it could be. Twitter was the home of the #bancolbert- a trend dedicated to cancel Stephan Colbert's show on Comedy Central over a tweet made by the show's twitter page jokingly commenting on the character's need to attend sensitivity training over "ching chong or whatever". After a ridiculous spit between the SWJs and rational people, the hashtag died with its cause as one simply cared anymore.

The short lived AnitaGate was another ludicrous spectacle of dub shit.

Twitter has recently announced a Trust and Safety Council, which is basically a way for Twitter to start banning accounts that trigger SJWs.

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