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TrueEmpiricism, also known as T Man, Ronnie, and Moronnie (real name: Fornicates with Buffalo), is a creationist retard who thinks he knows what he is talking about and boy, does he do plenty of that. Being the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect, he deems himself an expert on science (not making this shit up, his Twitter profile says "DNA expert") despite having zero qualifications and zero understanding of it.

He violates pretty much everything that the Bible says about hubris and being a cunt, making him among the most despicable of the Masters of Stupidity. On January 7th 2016, he made a video announcing that he would supposedly be leaving YouTube for good.[1]


One of Brett Keane's gaggle of inbred morons that first showed up during the Religion Debate who didn't listen to any cohesive arguments, said the same things repeatedly, and went on to declare himself the winner. Due to TJ and Ben's hatred of him, he has not made any live reappearances on the show, although the peasants have joked about the idea.

He returned during Episode 192, in which he barraged the Live Chat with spam the whole show to try and get the peasants' attention. Paul read aloud a message True sent him trying to get in a debate.

On Episode 194 the peasants played a video where he showed evidence that they treat Christians poorly and he used KaceyTron (a true christian) as an example. Of course the DP said she was a troll to hide the shitty treatment done to her.

On Episode 195 a video of his was played where he announced he would be leaving Youtube. TE blamed the Peasants for pushing him off of YouTube.


Complexity of A Cell Argument


The place he gets all of his arguments from.

Despite admitting that he is not an expert on science He still labels himself a "DNA expert" on his Twitter profile. Using his knowledge he has come up with a very "original argument." He claims that the complexity of a cell is so complex that it is impossible to have assembled without a Jesus. So his scientific understanding didn't go as far enough to understand that today's complex cells took a long time to develop. 0/10 argument T-Man.

God Is A Fact. Proof Me Wrong.

Not much to say about this one. The reasoning is pretty sound.


His most convincing and grammatically accurate argument ever.

No Such Thing As "Separation of Church and State?"

He made a video that is so fucking boring and unlettered that it hurt my brain. He first stated that the Capitol Building was approved as a church, which it was, however this is not a violation of church and state because the services were non-discriminatory and voluntary, which allowed preachers of many denominations to practice at the building. His second contention is that the United States government funded a priest for the Kaskaskia Indians (his ancestors). Again this is no violation, the priest was a stipulation the Indians imposed in a treaty that they were negotiating with the U.S. His last point is the most laughable. That it is not unconstitutional for the Bible to be taught in schools. Who knew that the DNA expert was also a master of law and its interpretation. His evidence is a letter by Benjamin Rush where Rush defends the teaching of the Bible in schools. So he chooses to ignore the numerous decisions made by the Supreme Court and hangs on this letter by Rush. TE you would do well to read this letter by Thomas Paine where he says "It is from the Bible that man has learned cruelty, rapine, and murder; for the belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man." So at the end of the video like a chicken playing chess TE shits on the playing board and declares himself the victor.


  • Cannot say 'attributes' properly.
  • He's like a nigger that never took the boat ride from Africa.
  • He has given Brett Keane a rimjob. Twice.
  • Amazing atheist & Paulsego - cowardice, hypocrisy and telling lies by The Drunken peasants07:00

    Amazing atheist & Paulsego - cowardice, hypocrisy and telling lies by The Drunken peasants

    His latest video to the peasants in January of 2016.

    He uses his Native-American heritage as an excuse for when he mispronounces words, which is a very shit excuse for someone who grown up in a country where the native language is English, most people speak English and English is taught in every school.
  • He calls other people butthurt, yet is unable to take a joke.
  • He made a video responding to his article on the old and shitty DP wiki.
  • Yes. He made a video trying to refute a satirical wiki article written by teenagers which again just proves how fucktarded and butthurt he is.
  • He has no self awareness.
  • He is a self appointed "expert" on the development of cells, even though he don't knows jack shit about cells and every attempt of him trying to talk about cell development results in incoherent retarded ramblings and word salads.
  • He is glad his ancestors were murdered so that he could be a Christian.
  • His main argument for intelligent design on his channel is that only intelligent designers have been known to create motor systems. Ironically, evolutionary theory explains how a motor could arise through biological processes using observed natural phenomena.
  • His main tactic in any argument is to use complex vocabulary mixed in with blatant bullshit and sound like he knows what he is talking about, it could not be further from the truth.


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