CSquared - Troll Or Not A Troll (Drunken Peasants Remix)00:07

CSquared - Troll Or Not A Troll (Drunken Peasants Remix)

The ToNaT intro.

—Ben's response to almost every video.
Troll or Not a Troll is a ԀP segment in which an exceptionally out there video is played, and the hosts as well as any guests on the show vote to decide whether or not they believe it's a troll or for reals. On a few occasions, this vote has resulted in a tie.


  • The theme song was made by the same dude who created Ass Banana, Cory Cooper.
  • Paul will often call it as either a Troll or not a Troll before the video begins.
  • There was originally a strawpoll included in the description of each video for the audience. Eventually, they stopped bothering with the polls because people were voting before the video was even shown.
  • The guy who made the "tie" animation is a fucking retard. You can see that he made it using PowerPoint, and that he doesn't know how to edit.

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