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Trisha Paytas (born May 8, 1988) is a singer, actress, author, would-be Hollywood scarlet, should-be pornstar, plus-size model, and YouTube personality best known for empowering women to love themselves for whatever size they are and informing people on how to get the best results from breast augmentation.


Trisha was discussed in Episode 122 when the peasants played a video by Vegan Gains lambasting her for her promotion of fat acceptance. Rather than opting for anything remotely resembling criticism, he chose to just shit on her ass if she was some reprehensible piece of human shit, while mocking her dead boyfriend, who committed suicide.


  • Ben has watched some of Trisha's videos, but finds her too annoying. It's hard to fap to someone with a yapper like that.
  • TJ has expressed some sexual interest in her, which has led to a $25,000 reward for her capture, dead or alive.
  • She has made videos explaining how masturbation is wrong and against god, while wearing splotches of porn-style makeup and showing off a bust large enough to house a symphony orchestra (basically how she looks in most episodes).
  • Trisha has played starring roles in her school's production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, both as Oompa Loompa #4 and Violet Beauregarde during the blueberry scene.
  • Trisha is beautiful just the way she is, but not very healthy.
  • She has made a video were she explains that Mitt Romney should be president because he's "Hot". This is odd, because we all know that Obama is the one with the ten inch cock.
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