"Forget about it!"
—What people like to hear him say.
Tommy From The Bronx is a man named Tommy who is from the Bronx.


Tommy appeared in episode 183, where he was one of the most well-received guests DP has had.


  • No one tears apart Tommy Sotomayor better than him.
  • He has a pale white billy club for a penis.
  • He has been featured on the Pimpmunk Show many times.
  • He is probably the coolest person the show has ever had on.
  • It is unknown how he manages around six hundred views, as his videos are of a surprising quality. It's probably Mankind's greatest mystery.
  • His Dick and Tits have been shown on the Pimpmunk Show before.
  • His cock is massive
  • Tommy is 44 Years Old, and Brett Keane still looks like he could have fathered him.
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