" Well you know, he's black. It's harder to do green screen with black people."
—TJ's explanation for Tim's horrible green screen effects.
" One of the problems I have with The Amazing Atheist is he acts as if he never lost anyone in his life."
—Tim dun goofing.

The Tim Black Saga was a feud between Tim Black and The Drunken Peasants.


Tim Gets DP'd

The saga started when Tim made a response to TJ's video on how to come out as an atheist to religious parents on his main channel. The two continued a back and forth argument over the course of several episodes through video until Tim shockingly agreed to be on the show live.

Once he had gotten to know the Peasants better, Tim warmed up to them and he has since become and ally of the podcast, making more appearances as an especially well received guest.

Double Take


TJ vs. Tim

While the Ryan Wiley Saga was still in action, Tim Black decided he wanted a piece of the action (aka more views) so he accused TJ and other big YouTube atheists of being part of the problem regarding the Chapel Hill Shooting.

Tim claimed that because the shooter was an atheist, it was reasonable to assume that his atheism is why he killed three Muslims. This was in spite of contradicting sources claiming it was over a parking dispute. The peasants said that nobody could know for sure either way, and TJ said he tends to believe it was probably over a parking dispute.

Despite TJ commenting that he genuinely does like Tim, the video was taken by Tim as an attack. Tim then proceeded to make his first video specifically against TJ since he first appeared on the show. He threw out a lot of fallacies and the peasants easily shut down his poor arguments, and he didn't respond for a long time.

End of an Era

By popular demand, eventually Tim returned to the podcast for Episode 151. Tim said his return was in part due to the staff of this very wiki.[1] As of current, Tim and DP are still chocolate and vanilla swirled together in harmony.



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