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"What the fuck you talkin' 'bout, atheist?"
— Tim's infamous catchphrase.

Tim Black is the creator of the YouTube channels Tim's Take Live and Tim the Bartender. He was initially a nemesis of The Drunken Peasants, but later became an ally of the show, his first guest appearance being very well-received.


Tim talks about many racial and political issues on his channels.

He later came into conflict with the peasants over the Chapel Hill Shooting, he seems to have recently been open to work with the peasants once more, even giving them an encrypted shout-out when he appeared on Dr. Phil.

On Drunken Peasants

"...And his name is Black. That's double the black."
— One of TJ's first comments on Tim.

First Take

The Peasants' first clash with Tim was when Tim made a video response to TJ's video on coming out as an atheist to religious parents. Tim's problem was that he thought coming out to your parents would be rebellious and disrespectful, leading your parents to kick you out. TJ and Tim had a back and forth video exchange for a few episodes, which lead to Tim becoming an ally of the Peasants, with the audience constantly demanding his appearance on the show.

During the course of their video exchange, Tim made many remarks attacking TJ, including the legendary, "I know what kind of man you are, with them tight-ass corduroys". This comment was spurred by and served to further generate sexual tension from TJ to Tim. TJ's claim that Tim was secretly fascinated with him led to a fan art contest involving depictions of TJ and Tim having sex.

Tim ranting about TJ's supposedly tight pants corduroys.

Double Take

Tim Black began to show hostility towards TJ again after the Chapel Hill Shooting. A video was sent to the peasants that was made by Tim and in the video he claims that the murderer in question shot three Muslims in the name of atheism, and tried to hold large atheist YouTubers like TJ and Jaclyn Glenn accountable for the whole ordeal. The peasants disagreed with this and said it was likely done because of a parking spot dispute, as the wife of the shooter had claimed in a public statement.

Tim made yet another response to the peasants, even attacking fans of his who watched him as well as The Amazing Atheist, generalizing TJ's fans as "not too bright". The Drunken Peasants responded to Tim but he never made a second rebuttal.

Tim's Take Live Tim Black Trailer - Dr01:19

Tim's Take Live Tim Black Trailer - Dr. Phil Edition

Triple Take

"I risked a lot. I AM TIM BLACK OF DP!"
―Tim's battle cry.[src]

Tim Black recently gave the peasants a coded shout out on Dr. Phil and has seemingly tried to get back into contact with the peasants through this very wiki. Being that he was a well received guest on the show, we may have yet to see the last of Tim on DP.

This is no longer not the case, Tim was announced to be guest for episode 151 by our lord Ben himself. [1]

Dr. Phil


Tim seen on The Dr. Phil Show.

As mentioned, Tim Black was once on Dr. Phil. He participated in a discussion with Phil and Shanesha Taylor, who Tim made a video initially in support of her, then later called her out for leeching off money. Tim was easily the best speaker on that Dr. Phil show.

Caged Elephant


TJ being captured by Ben, Scotty, and Clancy for dinner.

"Rocking Back and Forth like a Caged Elephant" is a term first coined by Tim to describe TJ's frequent back and forth movement during times of boredom and often during the podcast.


"I know what kinda man you are... in those tight ass corduroys."
—One of Tim's first quotes on the show.


  • Tim often threatens to take away someone's black card. It has become a meme on his channel since his appearance on DP.
  • He recently considered reinstating DP's black cards after seeing this page. [2]
  • Tim resides in Washington, D.C., some shitty square in the middle of two states.
  • Tim Black coined the term "rocking back and forth like a caged elephant" to describe TJ's frequent back and forth movement during times of boredom and often during the podcast.
  • Tim appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, where he rekt some bitch (Shanesha Taylor) for abusing money intended for her children. Tim referenced DP on Dr. Phil when he uttered on live television "Whatcha talkin' about, Shanesha?".
  • TJFucksThings made an entry to the DP Art Contest involving Tim Black. His entry also served as an episode of TJFucksThings Season 2.
  • Tim always uses "Amazing Atheist" in the titles of his response videos, likely because it would attract more attention than just saying Drunken Peasants. The peasants have said they don't care, as everyone is looking to make a name for themselves on YouTube.
  • TimBlackvsRoo

    Tim getting into a tussle with a racist kangaroo.

    Although some people may doubt it, he is as his last name says. He is, in fact, black.
  • Tim's appearance on The Dr. Phil Show is also is a good example that it isn't just TJ who wants to suck his dick, Dr. Phil does too.
  • Tim was raised as a Jehovah's Witness.[3]
  • He's a supporter of the DP Wiki and a friend of the owner. He even issued us black cards.[4]
  • Even he thinks Atheist Roo is racist. It doesn't help Devon stole one of Tim's videos without his permission and as shown above, calls him a "chocolate sack of shit".


  • Tim after his beard went on vacation.
  • Tim serving up some truth in his bar.

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