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The Young Turks White on Black - Logo

"Licky licky bum bum" - Cenk Uygur


Cenk Uygur on one of his day trips to interview a koala in the mean woods of Kualalumpur. Here we see him camoflauged in order to not get butt-raped by the animal.

"I'm currently being held at gunpoint."
—Anyone who watches their videos.
"I think i woke up in the wrong studio."
―The Young Turks, 2015[src]
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Cenk getting ready to lick that pussy.

The Young Turks are a group of liberal Turks who like to talk about second-hand news. The main hosts are Cenk Uygur (pronounced Osama Bin Laden) and Ana Kasparian (pronounced Anita Sarkeesian). It's essentially a liberal Fox News, with them constantly twisting stories to fit their narrative, jumping to conclusions, playing the victim, using misleading headlines, disguising their bigotry as concern or progression, blatantly lying[1], and fabricating history and facts. Their news "stories" usually consist of a group of well-off people having a circle jerk about how everybody is so oppressed and victimized before making shitty Jokes that any person with an IQ over 12 would find unfunny. Because of this, they are largely effective within the TYT Studios.

Why The Young Turks Is Bad For Your Colon

"I will invade your bowels" - Cenk Uygur

They white-knighted for poor little Anita Sarkeesian, initially blaming GamerGate for some threats she got which the FBI and local authorities deemed bogus before miraculously changing their views after major backlash. Cenk Uygur likes to defend Islam a lot and says that radical Muslims represent a small minority (Yes, Muslims who commit violent acts make up a minority, but a large portion of Muslims condone a lot of insane behavior). While he doesn't defend it fully, he still irrationally goes after criticism of it sometimes. Also, Cenk always seems to avoid questions regarding the Armenian Genocide in the early 20th century, which heavily implies that he denies that it had even happened. He also condoned the terrorist acts committed by British suffragettes during the early 20th century due to his belief there was no other way to get the vote (despite the fact it was women taking over men's roles during their enlistments during WW1 that got them the vote). We at the DP wiki recommend watching Secular Talk instead.


Cenk explaining the types of dicks he prefer

This and many other minor issues is why liberals will never get along together like conservative Fox News watching, Christian white republicans.

Pudding Baclava

However, all criticisms aside TYT does have some value. The Young Turks seems to be the only pundit based news media outlet that can acknowledge the simple fact that Bernie came out looking the best after the first DNC debate. While the (CNN) as well as every other mainstream media source were corrupted by their biases The Young Turks were able to call a spade a spade which is surprisingly rare these days. Also their Wolf-Pac movement has made much headway and could maybe with a snowballs chance in hell might just get money out of politics. They won over several states including California, Vermont, Illinois, and 2 others. With only 30 more states needed before they can get their 28th amendment passed.



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