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The Drunken TJ Podcast is a one hour video TJ made to replace a cancelled podcast for April 17, 2015.

It was made because Ben was too sick to do DP, and Scoopy was too busy getting pussy-whipped by Monica, so TJ did a live Q&A instead. This is the only DP episode to not feature Ben at all.


  • He answered questions from Twitter about his bisexuality, being attracted to 14-year-old anime characters, discussed the best of bestiality, among other things.


  1. He first discussed his video taking an impossible southern literary test intended to prevent blacks from voting. It can be found here.
  2. He later discussed a question about letting elderly people drive, TJ suggest that people should have to retake a driver's test every couple years after around age 65 or so.
  3. He answered a question about his opinion on Sam Harris, and TJ said he was somewhat neutral on him but certainly didn't hate him like Galen.
  4. He then talked about vigilantes being glorified in comics, but TJ commented that it's alright in fiction as it's supposed to be escapism. He later went into his grievances with AronRa.
  5. He moved into discussion of Game of Thrones and his favorite characters.
  6. He then explained his enjoyment of DBZ because it's a guilty pleasure, and discussed some other anime he took interest in, but this editor has no idea how to make those fancy Japanese names.
  7. He then discussed a picture of his father which was in the background. He was asked about The Young Turks and TJ said he no longer watches much of their content.
  8. TJ then ranted about all the overly complex classifications of metal.
  9. TJ explains how he primarily goes for Huffington Post, Drudge Report, and Reddit for news. People will also often send him articles and he will pretty much go anywhere for interesting stories.
  10. TJ was then asked about zoophilia and talked about his rather controversial argument that having sex with animals is no worse than murdering them for their meat, but he also said that he couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to fuck a cow in the first place. He said he is ultimately against it, but desired culture to have more moral consistency on similar issues.
  11. TJ was then asked about his favorite fast food restaurant and TJ said it was Popeye's because it reminds him of the south.
  12. TJ was later asked about capitalism and confirmed he is obviously a fan of capitalism, as he has sold books and DP merchandise in the past.
  13. TJ then discussed incest in the media and made some similar arguments to his stance on zoophilia and how society loves to be offended.
  14. TJ then looked at porn and was disappointed he couldn't find any pictures of pegging.
  15. He was asked some questions about Fallout and revealed he wanted to be the head honcho of New Vegas and not side with anyone.
  16. TJ was asked about the gold standard and said it was fucking stupid.
  17. TJ was asked about the death penalty and said society shouldn't have the right to do so, going so far to call it barbaric.
  18. TJ was then asked about bull fighting and said it's another thing hypocritical of society.
  19. TJ said he was open to see the new Batman v Superman movie but has no high hopes.
  20. The last question was if TJ had any mental health issues (supposedly he doesn't.)
He then ended the podcast because his throat was getting hoarse.

TJ with a picture of his father.


  • TJ enjoys black licorice.
  • TJ is remains unconvinced by delusional people thinking Creationist Cat is an atheist.
  • TJ is a fan of Game of Thrones but doesn't follow it very often. His favorite character is Arya Stark, in staunch opposition to Galen.
  • TJ doesn't generally watch new shows and prefers to wait until it has three or four seasons under it's belt.[1]
  • TJ reads his YouTube comments reasonably often, usually shortly after a video is posted.
  • TJ loves strap-ons.
  • TJ is the only person named TJ in the entire world.
  • TJ has never played Fallout or Fallout 2.



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