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Notice: The Drunken Peasants were recently hit with a false DMCA by Tommy Sotomayor. The show is being held on The Amazing Atheist channel until further notice.


The peasants' stylized ԀP logo.

"The Drunken Peasants Podcast is satirical in nature, and while we do occasionally delve into serious issues and discussions, our primarily purpose is to entertain and amuse. In other words...don't take this SHIT too seriously."
—The disclaimer read aloud by TJ at the start of every episode.

The sexy hosts. From left to right, Scotty, TJ, and Ben. (The fan art was made by Moxie)

For a full timeline of of the podcast, scroll over for the good parts here.

From its humble roots as the No Bullshit Podcast, The Drunken Peasants Podcast , also known simply as ԀP, is a popular liberal-minded YouTube news and interview show from Columbus, Ohio. The hosts are Ben, TJ, Scotty, and Paul. They like to pick apart the news in a funny and entertaining way, as well as debate various guests, respond to YouTube videos, make fun of stupid ads, and answer questions asked by the community. The show has been on for a short time, but it has already collected a large following and countless inside jokes.

The peasants have had arguments with many people, including: a Christian walrus and his posse, a black guy with a corduroy fetish, a schizophrenic Canadian who "exposes evil", a deplorable piece of shit with a math degree, an attention horse, a Reptilian, a psychic/medium/shaman, a doc-dropping kangaroo, and a pro-slavery black person who denies the existence of starving children.

The YouTube channel managed to hit 100,000 subscribers by November of 2015, and has over 15,000,000 views. DP is so popular that there is even a wiki based on it.


"Coming to you live, from the frigid armpit of America. This is The Drunken Peasants Podcast with Ben and TJ, bringing you opinions of the news from an altered perspective!"
See full intro here.

Segments of DP


DP's original logo.

The segments of The Drunken Peasants Podcast are quite simply the different parts of the podcast. The following can all be found below:.

  • Information Segment (Regular) - Fans complained about learning fuck all from episodes, so this instantly popular segment was introduced.
  • Crazy Craigslist Ads (presently defunct) - A segment in which the peasants read erotic Craigslist ads. As a rule, each of the ads must be believed to be true.
  • Crazy People Segment (Regular)- A newer segment showcasing all the internet lunatics discovered by the peasants. Many people featured are antagonists of the show.
  • Music Breaks (Occasional)- A segment usually taking place in the middle of the show in which the peasants play music, smoke pan, and pretty much whatever they want for a while.
  • News Segment/Political Shit (Regular) - One of the primary segments of the show in which the peasants ԀP the fuck out of the news!
  • Post Show (Regular)- An audio only segment with its own unique musical intro and its own home on Soundcloud.
  • Storytime With Paul (Presently defunct) - A segment in which Paul takes the center stage and tells a story about his life. The segment is featured every Friday alongside Paul's usual appearance.
  • Stupid Ad Segment (presently defunct)- A segment in which the peasants give commentary over absurd and sometimes obscene infomercials.
  • Q&A Segment (presently defunct) - A segment in which the fans of the show submit their questions to be answered. It is a common vessel of communication with the fanbase.
  • Troll or Not a Troll (Regular)- A segment in which the peasants take a vote over whether the YouTube video in question was made by a troll or not. A vocal minority are known to complain about the theme song.
  • White Guilt Segment (Occasional)- A segment showcasing the peasants' immense white guilt. It often involves debunking race shills.


Brett KeaneG ManThe Vigilant ChristianRyan WileyTim BlackJenny McDermottAtheist RooVegan GainsSagasPic
About this image

The Drunken Peasants have become entangled in numerous long-standing online feuds with other YouTubers who have taken massive umbrage with DP's ethics and viewpoints, which is probably why TJ has issued a disclaimer at the start of every video to remind people that DP's primary intent is to abuse amuse. The DP fandom have taken these feuds and playfully fashioned them into sagas, comparable to the ones featured on Dragon BallZ. Here are a list of all the people DP has had sagas with:

  • Brett Keane: The feud between TJ and Brett existed before DP's very conception and has crossed over to the show. They used DP as a forum to debate on religion, morality and science. Aside from this, Brett Keane's videos are featured periodically on the show. The Brett Keane Saga can also bee seen as a precursor to the Gman Saga.
  • G Man: Gman was introduced to the peasants through Brett Keane and it was Gman's mad debating and rapping skills that made him stand out from amongst the Masters of Stupidity. This resulted in Gman taking on other notable figures on DP such as Thunderf00t, Jean-François Gariépy and Creationist Cat. The Gman Saga can be considered no longer in play as Gman as actually become a friends of the peasants, despite their differing views.
  • The Vigilant Christian: The Vigilant Christian Mario's conspiracy theory videos have been featured probably more than other YouTuber's on the Drunken Peasants and Mario himself has made videos attacking both TJ and DP. Ben has tried to get Mario on the show for a long time, but he kept cancelling at the last minute. The Vigilant Christian Mario finally came on the show in Episode 149.
  • Ryan Wiley: Ryan Wiley's videos regarding feminism and the atheist YouTube community have been featured a number of times on DP and landed him a guest appearance in Episode 34 to discuss things he said about Jaclyn Glenn and her position in the atheist community. The Ryan Wiley Saga ended in Episode 123 when Ryan made a video deciding to no longer involve himself in anymore online dramas. This was proceeding another video where he officially announced that he would no longer respond to the peasants.
  • Tim Black: This feud started when DP featured a video of Tim's criticizing TJ for telling children how to come out to their parents as atheists. After a number of responses from one to another, Tim Black made a guest appearance on the show and got along quite well with the peasants. Despite disagreements regarding the Chapel Hill shooting, Tim Black nevertheless remains a close ally with DP and even gave them a shout-out on live television. The man is a genuine champ.
  • Jenny McDermott: Jenny is one of DP's few long-running female enemies and their feud began when she threatened to DMCA them after the peasants misinterpreted her poorly-executed satire. Jenny's status as attention whore, drama whore and all-round retarded scumfuck have landed her several appearances on the podcast where she'll then complain about being harassed by DP fans, even though she was the one sticking her neck out just to get noticed.
  • Atheist Roo: Devon Tracy's war against DP started when they played and argued against a video of his criticizing Jaclyn Glenn's video on racial politics. This resulted in a vicious war on Twitter with Roo's fanboys swarming like locusts at anybody who insults their master and general. Atheist Roo is not willing to go on DP to have a discussion about this, but still insists on picking fights on Twitter with middle school-level insults and Photoshop.
  • Vegan Gains: This all started when the notorious vegan YouTuber attacked Trisha Paytas for her body-positivity videos and when he joked about murdering Mr. Repzion. This landed him a guest appearance in Episode 150 after a couple of back-and-forth, and Vegan Gain's relationship with the peasants is currently set to neutral.

Support the Drunken Peasants! (Shilling)

  • Facebook - The official Facebook page serves much the same role as Twitter, but is also the hub for fans to submit content for the podcast for segments like the Q&A or Troll or Not a Troll.
  • Patreon - Everyone loves money, even the humble motherfuckers at the Drunken Peasants need to feed TJ's fat ass every once in awhile. If you want to directly support the peasants financially while earning perks and contributing to their milestone goals to ultimately improve the podcast for everyone, click here
  • Podbean and iTunes- Two now defunct audio platforms in which the Drunken Peasants put up their shows' audio. They announced in one of the shows they produced soon after coming back from Europe (118 or 117) in a pre-show that'd they'd move from this platform soon.
  • Soundcloud - Podbean was eventually phased out and the peasants now use SoundCloud to provide their fans with an audio only medium. The audio version is usually posted a day or two after the original airing of the episode.
  • Teespring - The Drunken Peasants have started selling their own merchandise, mostly t-shirts. The site runs campaigns with goals to get enough consumers for a product before charging and shipping out.
  • Twitter - The Drunken Peasants have a Twitter page in which they often share fan responses and link to upcoming shows.

Fridays Featuring PaulsEgo

Every Friday, as of late 2015, the peasants would be joined by their fat, ugly, homoerotic fourth host named PaulsEgo. The show is helped immensely by his presence, as it would get boring just watching three liberal commies from Ohio talk to each other. Despite always appearing on Fridays, this does not mean he will appear exclusively on Fridays, as evidenced by Episode 166.



  • DP is clearly a rip off of the superior Random Discussions Podcast.
  • DPLogo

    The DP Twitter logo.

    Ben has said he usually aims to start the show with a video attacking TJ.
  • The main theme was composed by Canadian metal artist, Berserkyd. With clips inserted from the podcast's history.
  • Sometimes there is no break in between the show, pretty inconsiderate for those of us that need to clean our bongs. More recently, music breaks have become more irregular.
  • The only way to send videos to DP is through a private message on the DP Facebook page. TJ explains this from outside his sex dungeon at the start of every episode since #110.
  • There is an IMDB page on the Drunken Peasants. The storyline section contains the summary of the show found on the wiki's frontpage in a previous revision.[1]
  • There is a TVTropes page for Drunken Peasants.[2]
  • Episode 28 is the longest episode of the show.[3]
  • Scotty Cena once filled in the role of Scotty while his counterpart was in Canada. Scotty Cena was mysteriously assassinated around a year after his introduction.


  • The original DP T-shirt
  • The alternate simplified logo for the show.
  • Inside the DP Studio.
  • Inside the studio before Episode 133.
  • The original Gorilla199 music break bumper.
  • The peasants at SummerSlam.

Fan Art

  • Smoke Pan Everyday
  • Ben with Scotty Cena.
  • DP Animated by YouTuber Frog Toons.
  • Captain Kirk, Commander EggBitch, and Lieutenant Commander Beta
  • TJ Comic
  • Summer Slam Scotty
  • TJ Warrior
  • It's Always Sunny In Columbus, except it's not because Ohio is a fucking shithole.

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