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The banner of the group, by fan Andrew Soto.

The Drunken Peasants Fan Club is a Facebook-based community for fans of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. Fans often use the group to discusses episodes of the show and post inside jokes. It was recently made official, with Ben, TJ and formerly Scotty being admins of the group. The group is closed, meaning membership must be requested in order to join. The group can be found here.


Scotty was revealed to have had a squabble with members of the fan club on Episode 167, announcing that he was officially done trying to interact with them. Scotty also commented that he was the most active peasant by far in the community before the whole debacle.

Rules in the Group

  1. No spam, consistent derailment of threads or inappropriate posts. This means porn/gore but excludes external links.
  2. Don't be a douchebag for no reason. We appreciate intelligent discussion but if the banter goes to far and people get too upset then you're banned. This includes pictures of Ben's face, or any personal info about any of the Peasants.
  3. Keep posts relevant by posting either stuff related directly to the show, or something of notable discussion and entertainment to the fans.
  4. If you want admin, don't ask. Occasionally there will be requests for admins as the group grows but don't beg.


  • The description of the podcast in the group's description is from this very wiki. They have yet to update it because they are cucks.
  • Some resident editors of this wiki are members of this group, such as Innosflew.
  • Although it is a DP-based fan group, members also discuss general topics relating to DP such as feminism and atheism. Many of the debates are surprisingly civil.
  • The "Notice me, Benpai!" meme originated in this group.

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