The Douchebag Bible is an anthology of books by TJ Kirk. It consists of In Defense of Evil, Neckbeard Uprising and Scumbag: Musings of a Subhuman, and contains opinions on many of the subjects covered by The Amazing Atheist. It was released on June 12th 2013.

Official description: "The Douchebag Bible' is comprehensive anthology of all three major books published by controversial YouTube star, The Amazing Atheist (AKA TJ Kirk): 'Scumbag: Musings of a Subhuman (abridged)', 'In Defense of Evil: Why Good is Bad and Bad Is Good,' and 'Neckbeard Uprising.'"


  • TJ has made personally signed copies available for $40. Along with his signature, he'll attempt a drawing of the buyer's choice.[1]
  • The regular copies are available for $15 on Amazon.
  • TJ has made some videos signing the books.[2][3][4]
  • It's certified better than the Christian Bible.
  • It's name may be redundant, as the Christian Bible was already written by douchebags.


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