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"Hi! I'm the Distressed Watcher! I review the previews and tell you which trailers are failures!"
—Distressed Watcher's most well known tagline.

The Distressed Watcher is a now defunct Internet Review show that was hosted by TJ Kirk. The show was on Channel Awesome in 2011 and was, after a year, discontinued for reasons of Channel Awesome being a not-so-awesome haven for SJWs and Feminists. Cody Weber also helped create content for the show.

While TJ in particular has said he has no harsh feelings about being told to leave, many of the other content producers who left the site have accused Channel Awesome of scamming their fan base and treating their content creators like shit.


The Distressed Watcher maintains many of the same of quirks and style of The Amazing Atheist with the twist of being about Movies instead of religious fucktards. Unfortunately most of his videos have been lost, however some videos have been restored.


Pretty self explanatory, but TJ tended to be more cerebral in his comedy instead of being only about the lulz. This effectively meant he was the George Carlin of Channel Awesome.

Top Tens

Meticulously crafted and guaranteed to piss you off, TJ's top tens were one of the highlights of The Distressed Watcher show. His most contoversial top ten was Top Ten Gayest 80s Music Videos. This Top Ten put him in hot water with the Channel Awesome community. Probably because they're a bunch of self-righteous cunts who feign sympathy for faggots.

Trailer Failure

TJ reviews trailers of upcoming films, judging how well they draw the audience and sell the movie. This was the most popular and well received series that Distressed Watcher produced.Typically he would review 3 trailers per video, but sometimes he'd review more or less.
My That Guy With The Glasses Story10:38

My That Guy With The Glasses Story

TJ's story with Channel Awesome.

Sour Note

His Music review series where TJ gives his commentary on popular songs, usually joined by the likes of Cody, Scotty or Holly. Nearly every song reviewed would be shit and the series is almost completely lost to time.

Ask Skeletor

The Mighty Skeletor takes a break from trying to conquer the universe to answer questions submitted by his loyal fans.

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