About to create teletubby porn

"Jesus is in my corner, bitches!" - Scotty mocking The Christian Teen.

The Christian Teen (now called The Salt) is a Christian YouTube channel hosted by Ricky, a teenager with about the same charisma as a Ryan Wiley. His mission is to preach the word of da Lawd by being edgy and hip, as well as fighting misconceptions about Christianity which make it out to be boring and religious (he's not the first to concoct that shit stew).


The #38th Drunken Peasants Podcast featured a crossover between The Christian Teen and another channel by the name of THEJonno57 where they discussed pre-marital teen sex and why it's bad (while ironically playing 70's porno music in the background). They argued that true love cannot exist unless it's between a man and his woman property, using tellatubbies to illustrate their vapid and callous point. Ricky mentioned a previous girlfriend hot piece of ass of his who tried to pressure him into having sex against his religious beliefs and how his friends mocked him for not taking advantage of the opportunity. The peasants disbelieved his story and doubted that he could actually get a girlfriend hot piece of ass, let alone one who would actually want to sleep with him. THEJonno57 on the other hand quoted Jefferson Bethke, so you know how sharp these kids are. Around half-way into the video, TJ decided that he wanted to drop Ricky in boiling acid and drop an anvil on the other's head.

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