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TheRPGMinx or MangaMinx is a prominent British YouTube Let's Player who made her Drunken Peasants debut as a guest on Episode 98. She is a popular name in YouTube's gaming community as well as a savage atheist heathen.

People like Brett Keane claim she is also an evil homosexual who works with PewDiePie to turn all American children into faggots and probably hates all of America and Christianity. Which makes sense since PewDiePie is a massive overrated faggot.


She was first mentioned by the peasants after their channel was taken down for the first time and Ben commented that she lent support to the peasants over Twitter. She made her first appearance as guest on Episode 98. She later returned to the podcast on episode 134 than on Episode 202 and again on Episode 252.


  • Some stereotypical Americans can't comprehend her fancy accent and "deep" voice.
  • She is a friend of PewDiePie and has done a lot of gaming videos with him.
  • Minx is about as gay as it gets, she makes George Takei look straight.
  • She resides with her wife KrismPro in The United Caliphate.
  • Minx is the only person featured on dP with over a million YouTube subscribers.
  • She is one of the more popular guests on the show. Probably only because she has titties. Too bad the horny 16 year olds who watch the show have no chance with her. Lolz
  • Minx believes the Vigilant Christian has mental issues, and rightfully so.
  • Despite the fact she has had many interactions with PewDiePie, she has not succumbed to Shittycontentitis.
  • Her gaming skills aren't as MLG as GamesULove's.
  • She has lent her vocal talents to this[1] short fucked up horror story.
  • Minx is guilty of strawmanning all Brexit voters by calling all Leave voters racists in a very SJW-like move. We can't all be perfect.

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