"Hey there, Teddy Rubskin here! Get it? Rub skin? Hahahaha."
—Teddy Rubskin introduces himself to the show

Teddy Rubskin is a YouTuber that happens to be a real talking bear, known for reviewing old Sega games, classic movies, and snacks.

He first submitted a question on Episode 43 to the podcast about a chick with three tits, with Ben commenting that he was a lot like TJ.


He later submitted another question to DP asking them if he had seen or heard of the Bible Man show, which he has discussed on his own channel. He made an appearance in an episode of The Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety Podcast that the peasants reviewed.

After Ben and TJ noticed Rubskin's appearance on Random Discussions, they said they would plan to eventually get him on DP. He was later recruited to moderate the live chat for Episode 120.

He submitted some more questions to DP on Episode 131.
Teddy Googles Himself -105:20

Teddy Googles Himself -1

Teddy reacts to this page.


  • Facebook's bullshit naming system forced him to change his name to Theodore Ruskin. He later created a new one.
  • He has had several Facebook pages that have also been taking down due to Facebook's shitty naming policy and he has decided to stop making Facebook accounts.
  • Many people in the DP fanbase confused his voice with Ran Campbell, even though they are nothing alike.
  • His name is an obvious parody of the children's doll, Teddy Ruxpin.
  • He is on the state flag of California and Missouri.
  • When he reviews Sega games he goes under the alias of The Pugnacious Sega Genesis Geek, a reference to the AVGN.
  • He has attended the live chat many times before. He has also been a moderator in the chat.
  • He's a supporter of the DP Wiki.[1]
  • If he was given a choice to either lick honey or syrup from Gail's naked body, he would choose honey because he's a bear.
Teddy on Drunken Peasants Podcast03:27

Teddy on Drunken Peasants Podcast

Teddy's appearance on DP.



  • Teddy Duckskin.
  • After he was infused with Ben.
  • After he finally got over 9000 subscribers.
  • Ted's archnemises, BibleMan!
  • The chick with the three tits.
  • The Bear of Steel!
  • CGI Teddy Rubskin



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