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"I fucking created a fan channel. This is TJDrinksSoda, bitch!"
―Soda slipping into madness
"You see there's coke, and then there's fuckin' soda."
TJ Kirk
TJDrinksSoda was a minor fan of the podcast that made a channel with videos solely about TJ drinking soda. He claimed to be the original gimmick channel that spawned many similarly named channels.

TJDrinksSoda had a notable rivalry with fellow Drunken Peasants fan TJ Fucks Things (aka Clancy) who Soda claims stole his idea for a channel about TJ doing one specific action. Soda is justified in his claims, since Clancy is clearly garbage.

Although rarely acknowledged by the peasants themselves, he did appear during a show early on in the Drunken Peasant's career.[1]

Death Of A Soda

Enraged with an entire six months of TJ not uploading a video to his TJdoeslife with channel and then failing to cope with lack of content for his videos forced him over the edge.

TJDrinksSoda committed sodappuku by overdosing on sugary drink products on June 16th, 2015. The peasants never acknowledged this tragic loss.


"Dude, that show sucks."
—Talking to G Man.
"I have one more question. What is your opinion on being a god damn nigger?"
—Last words to G Man.



  • Mr. Soda and Mr. Things once had a hate fuck live on the show. TJ joined in, but both were crushed under the weight of TJ's massive cock.
  • TJ named an entire Q&A video after him, "TJ Thinks Soda."
  • Soda relied on the Drunken Peasants' chat room to find the bulk of his supporters.
  • He has interviewed G Man and talks to Galen fairly frequently.
  • His favorite sitcom is The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • He was friends with the founder of the DP Wiki prior to the creation of the site and is in part responsible for inspiring the wiki's creation.



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