"You can't say he's not real until you've been to every galaxy, so let me axe you how can you reject him so emphatically?"
—SyeTenAtheist doing an accurate impression of G Man in song.

SyeTenAtheist is an atheist animator that has been credited with creating the "Motherfucking Opera" series, which depicts religious apologists, extremists, SJWs, and sometimes atheists in an unflattering and humorous way. He is also a Canadian.                                                                                

On Drunken Peasants

While SyeTenAtheist was never featured as a guest on The Drunken Peasants Podcast, four of his motherfucking opera videos including musical spoofs of G Man, Joshua Feuerstein, Brett Keane, and The Vigilant Christian have been played. TJ regards the Brett Keane opera as his greatest work. Ben's favorite SyeTenAtheist video is his criticisms of Jaclyn Glenn.                                                                                


  • SyeTenAtheist's name is derived from that of Christian apologist, "Sye Ten Bruggencate", because the channel was originally supposed to be a satirical parody of him.
  • After G Man was shown SyeTenAtheist's opera video making fun of him, G Man declared jihad on SyeTenAtheist. However so far nothing has come of this declaration.
  • Brett Keane has joined in on this jihad, claiming his image is copyrighted and that the opera Sye made of him is "liability" and heavily alluded to trying to false flag it.
  • Despite his negative depiction of Jaclyn Glenn and Mr. Repzion, both YouTubers were delighted by his portrayal of them.
  • His video on Islam being the religion of peace has been taken down from YouTube for being Islamaphobic. He then re-uploaded the video explaining his satire on Islam through religious passages.
  • He has had a bit of controversy for a video making fun of Bionic Dance for having a spaz fit. Many atheists have gotten mad and criticized the video for being tasteless and considered it bullying. He then made a video criticizing the butt hurt fags.
  • The opera music used for Brett Keane: The Motherfuckin' Opera is Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto.
  • His parody songs generally make use of existent operatic and, or quasi-operatic pieces.
  • Sye Ten criticized Jaclyn for her plagiarism before it was cool.
  • He has done a guest video on Sargon's channel.
  • His video on Sargon's channel was cited by Richard Dawkins and he was attacked by several SJW's.

List of SyeTenAtheist Videos Played on Drunken Peasants

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