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Black man rising.

"How big is his dick? Look at the area they are blurring!"
—TJ, being jealous of Rodger's big dick.
Steven Rodgers is a black police officer from Miami, Florida who got caught jerking off while on duty in his office at the local high school. He made a lot of derpy faces when questioned about the event.


His nonsense was covered by the Drunken Peasants on Episode 61.

After he lost his job, he became a staff member this wiki. His username is Fralab.


  • It is suspected that Rogers was masturbating with a banana.
  • One of the editors on this very wiki uses Rodgers' likeness, perhaps being the most fitting person to use his image.
  • TJ is jealous of his (apparently) massive penis.
  • After getting caught while jerking off, he was recruited by Nick Fury, due to a misunderstanding.


  • This motherfucker knows what he did.
  • The average supporter of Steven Rodgers
  • Can't we just appreciate that he didn't kill anyone unlike most cops?
  • Being a sly motherfucker

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