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This article may trigger you. If it does, contact the UN, NATO, FBI, CIA, MI6, FSB, the Spetznaz, and the Interpol immediately.

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are a brand of pussies that take offense to everything possible. Despite the majority of them being upper-middle class straight, white twats who wouldn't know oppression if they were in Auschwitz, they endlessly stand for every single different group at any time if said group is even mildly mentioned in any way that could possibly be perceived to be negative. Also, many try to fight sexism with sexism and racism with racism. Which, of course, just increases prejudice in general.

SJWs have no opinion at all and if they dare to do it they end up getting an open letter from another SJW. The letter wont say anything and it will mean nothing but a complain that someone else had an opinion.

They reproduce by asking verbally for consensual sex and fail to convince themselfs that body language is enough proof that their parner, a strong independent woman, wants the "D".

Popular Hives, Pseudo-Factions, and Championed Faggots

SJWs are less like humans and more like bees in that they must assimilate into a hive mind that agrees on all the same shit. Even small disagreements result in public shunning and Character Assassination.

Prime examples include:


"That joke is offensive to a demographic that I may or may not even be a part of."
—Your average feminist.
Modern Educayshun07:21

Modern Educayshun

SJWs infect the public schools

Institutionalized Racism/Sexism

Since SJWs know they're bigoted scum, they try to justify their bigotry by redefining the definitions of words like racism and sexism from prejudice, preference, and/or discrimination based on race or sex to the institutional oppression of a race or sex. Because of their new definition they claim Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and pretty much any non-white can't be racist because they don't have enough privilege to be.

So remember, you can go to South Africa where there are laws that intentional discriminate against Caucasians, call them a bunch of watermelon eating niggers and still not be racist.

Political Correctness and Hatred towards Free Speech

Despite them claiming to be liberal they go against the classic definition of liberalism. What once was a movement that advocated for free speech and the ability to say whatever the fuck you want, liberals now do the opposite in fear that they might offend or marginalize anyone who isn't them. Thus political correctness was born, a movement silencing free speech and facts since the 90's.

Triggers/Trigger Warnings

Most common with feminist and SJW infested places. Triggers do in fact exist, as people with PTSD can get triggered by several things. However, since most overly sensitive SJWs don't have PTSD, they just use trigger warnings to silence other people by slamming the "I'M SO OFFENDED" card, which apparently nullifies anything someone says.

See our trigger warnings article for more information.

Comparisons to Religion

Even though they tend to criticize religion (except for Islam) they are considered by many to be one. Here is a list of SJW rhetoric identical to the rhetoric tossed around by several religious people.

  • Donald Trump is Satan.
  • MRA's, Conservatives, and Egalitarians are satanist.
  • Privilege is Sin.
  • Checking your Privilege is repenting for your sins.
  • Anita Sarkeesian is Jesus.
  • Josh Whedon is God.
  • All mainstream Feminists are Angels.
  • The Matriarchy is Heaven.
  • The Patriarchy is Hell.
  • Political Correctness is being Holy.
  • Women are all Godesses.
  • Whites, Cisgenders, and Males are Demons.
  • Belief in imaginary beings. (For SJWs and feminists, it's more than two genders)

The Great SJW Shitstorm Civil War

As of June 2015, all the SJWs ever were divided over some trivial bullshit on 'sexual harassment' acquisitions surrounding a "JJ Talkz".This followed in an epic flock of rage quits from Ryan Wiley and other worthless fucks. Since then, the SJW community has continued to segment itself further by saying certain factions of itself are more oppressed than other factions.

The Resister is Real


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