Shockofgod (CockofGod if you're feeling cheeky) is an obscure YouTuber most well known for challenging a bunch of YouTube atheists to answer the question: "what proof and evidence can you provide that proves that atheism is accurate and correct?" He is also known for riding around on a noisy crotch-rocket motorcycle.

He was replied to by pretty much everyone including Matt Dillahunty on The Atheist Experience and The Amazing Atheist himself. TJ has done two videos replying to the notorious Shockofgod. Shock has never shown his face, this is mostly because he's a paunchy and fuck ugly loser.

He also writes for Conservapedia and does bible study videos that no one watches. He has also been accused of phishing numerous times, and the accusations are not without merit.


He was mentioned in Episode 154. TJ has made videos on him in the past, which has been discussed on the show.

Shockofgod's God-Awful Arguments

Shock's asinine question is what he's most known for. But regardless, he's stil excellent fodder for YouTube atheists.

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