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ShannyIsMe (Real name Shannon Dornbush) is a Kenyanist, Christian and God-fearing commie that also happens to be a close friend of G Man. She is most well known by podcast viewers for her lack of belief in the moon, she has tried to refute this by saying that she believes in the moon but that it is only a light source.[1] Deep down, she probably knows she fucked up and is trying to cover her ass. She is also subscribed to Eggs Rank for some reason.

Shanny is the quintessential bitch that seriously needs to get off.

Lunar Denialism

She is most well known by the DP viewers for the batshit insane things that she said in a Google Hangout. She said that she doesn't believe in the moon, she has tried to refute this by saying that she believes in the moon but that it is only just a light, it's not an actual physical astronomical object for some reason(the Sun is the same apparently). She also said that there are no actual planets or astronomical objects out there, there is not even space out there, the Earth is flat, and the sky is the second heaven or some shit.

Creationist Denies the Existence of the Moon09:13

Creationist Denies the Existence of the Moon

She said that she only believes things that she can see or test for herself and no one can tell her otherwise, but for some reason she refuses to test the validity of many of her beliefs. When others in the Hangout suggested to her to go out and buy a cheap ass telescope and look on to the moon to see it is an actual astronomical object, a fucking piece of rock and not a fucking light, she responded to them multiple times with "HOW ABOUT NOOOOO!!!" and "I'm not going to!" like a fucking child.

Even the other Christians in the Hangout were baffled by the retarded delusional bullshit that she just said.

Like many other fundamentalist Christians she very hypocritical when it comes to her holy book. The Bible clearly says in multiple verses that gluttony is a sin, being one of the seven deadly sins, but of course Shanny doesn't give two shits about that.

Vs. G Man

Shannon briefly staged a coup against G Man, probably the only time someone could ever see G as the rational person in the conversation. G Man briefly went under the moniker of "The Chocolate Atheist". She is apparently unable to understand humor. She extracted an apology out of G Man; G Man slapped that hoe with a fake ass apology to get her to shut the fuck up.


During an argument against the greatest and smartest men in known history, the Peasants sardonically said that she is abusing her child by filling his head and ass full of Jebus. In one video of which is now removed, she claims to have had a case against TJ, claiming "cyber-bullying". Her son is more than likely an atheist tranny, and Shanny is likely to be run over by a train at night thinking there is no substance behind the headlights.

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