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"I would never vote for an atheist president."
―Cupp reveals why she is the stupidest self-proclaimed atheist on the face of the planet.[src]
Sarah Elizabeth "S. E.Cupp (born February 23, 1979), sometimes called S.D. Cupp by DP because of her voluminous breasts (her S.E. Cups), is an American conservative "journalist" most well known for appearance in the political debate show, Crossfire.

Miss E. Cupp claims to be an atheist, but there is no evidence for this other than her word. In fact, there are reasons to think she's full of shit. She has said she "would never vote for an atheist president". Cupp also stated she respects religion and views scientific authority on Climate Change as a bully. If she's an atheist, then TJ is a fuckin' Muslim and Tim Black is Chinese.


Earlier in the career of The Drunken Peasants her videos were often played, although it has been a considerable length of time since she last appeared. The chat room was particularly obsessed with her, likely because of her amazing intellect and maybe her titties.

Many people in the chat expressed how much they wished to fuck S.E. Cupp, while others were appalled by S.E. being a moron. TJ himself even claimed that he would fuck her "if she agreed not to talk". Even BeyondPhere said she found her fuckable on this condition, along with another slab of estrogen. Proving once again how much of a disgusting misogynist is. S.E. Cupp's fuckability still remains a highly debated topic. Everyone unanimously wants to fuck her.


  • TJ once claimed that S.E. was "too stupid" to have sex with and was very perplexed as to why the audience took such a liking to her.
  • S.E. claims to be a conservative AND an atheist, but her very pro-religious viewpoints have often brought her atheism into question.
  • She has voluptuous breasts.


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