—Wiley's trump card.
The Ryan Wiley Saga is a conflict between Ryan Wiley and the Drunken Peasants. Although nobody on this wiki wants to take the time to document it due to the fact that Ryan Wiley is fucking trash. The saga is currently engaged in a cold war.

"I got this." - one very brave soul

Humble Beginnings

TJ along with the other peasants first countered one of Wiley's videos regarding "atheist accountability." The Peasants owned him like the hypocritical sexist piece of shit he is despite him claiming to be a feminist. A running joke was made of his insistence on informing the world he has some college math degree. A now lesser known joke was also made about his stupid collared shirts.

A New Pope

Ryan made several video responses to them, many of which the Peasants responded to, and made a guest appearance in Episode 33. In Episode 82, Ryan Wiley was planned to duel TJ as The Math Magician at Summer Slam.

As of Episode 123, Ryan made his final appearance on show after deciding to officially to end things with the peasants. TJ was totally fine with that.

RyanWileySaga The Ryan Wiley Saga

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