Rufus gutter
Rufus Gutter is a mysterious caller who phoned in to the Drunken Peasants Episode 267 [1] during the infrequently airing Pokemon Go segment during the prolonged absence of TJ. Rufus claims to have serendipitously discovered DP podcast of his own accord and, when asked for his Pokemon Go tip, went on a seemingly divergent tangent about his estranged transgendered son, now daughter. Although the situation itself seemed strange, the DP cast had no reason to believe that someone would call in to provide inaccurate or off-topic information and allowed Rufus to continue his story.

Rufus regaled the DP cast (sans TJ) with a harrowing tale of how his son, an "effeminate type", was kicked out of the house for dressing in his mother's makeup and clothing. Although Rufus eventually learned to accept his son's transgenderism, he states that his son, now daughter, changed his name to Dawn and moved in with a guy whose name Rufus could not fully recall. The closest approximations being "Broat Kin", "Breet Klin", or "Brett Klin" who lives in Festus, Missouri. When pressed for the relevancy of this independently given information by the DP cast, Rufus states that, although Dawn is transgendered, she is still pre-op and has not medically transitioned, and stated that her dick was so large that it actually registers as a Pokemon Go stop which spawns Snorlax periodically. The DP cast satisfied with this answer allowed Rufus to go after confirming that the information that Rufus provided was true, accurate, and the opinion and freely given statement of Rufus Gutter alone. As a result, the credibility of Rufus Gutter's story remains very high.

As a note, it is likely that the "Broat Kin" mentioned by Rufus Gutter may be related to perpetual villain, Brett Keane, but this is speculative at best. Rufus Gutter may also have lived in Louisiana at some point before moving to Festus, Missouri as he speaks with a Louisiana accent. "Rufus Gutter" is also Latin for "red neck."

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