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DP Ripoff

The average amount of effort taken by a DP ripoff.

Since the Drunken Peasants gained popularity, there have been ripoffs of them, be it mimicking formatting, style, and/or behavior. In the case of people like The UnFunny Comedian (well known from the TV hit series "Bitch Boy Slap Fight"), their whole life can be a boring and unfunny ripoff of another superior person.

Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety

Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety was the first knock-off of Drunken Peasants. RDIV plagiarized several elements from Drunken Peasants, including subject matter, question submission format, and overall style. It had guests like Teddy Rubskin and that's it. The most attention the podcast ever received was when DP ridiculed it.

The hosts, Alex and William. With some Brett Keane looking motherfucker in the roundtable.

Random Discussions only lasted seven episodes before its dissolution. All cast members committed revolutionary suicide in the finale by anally consuming cyanide-soaked bananas.

Zombie Form

RDIV made a return from the underworld of YouTube. Its members addressed the backlash against DP fanbase flags by insulting Mr. Repzion, Drunken Peasants, and TJ Kirk. TJ and Ben shredded their podcast once again. RDIV refuses to acknowledge that it assimilated many elements of DP out of fear of Jesuit malware.

Like a bunch of retards, RDIV isolated its primary demographic by insulting the DP fans. The amount of subs is unknown due to them being total cunts. The podcast met it's gruesome end when one of the hosts enacted his final solution.

The Random Discussions Podcast

The Random Discussions Podcast is a rip-off of Random Discussion of the Inebriated Variety which is a rip-off of the DP. It is so bad that it almost killed Scotty in boredom. It has been rumored that a rip off of the Random Discussions Podcast has their own rip off which features a genetically mutated amorphous blob UnFunnyComedian who spends seventeen hours begging the viewer for death. The channel has about 6 subscribers
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Fat Overlords

The Fat Overlords, formerly known as Sinners and Saints, is a DP rip-off that is Christian. Unlike their atheist analogs, they admit that they adopted the Drunken Peasants style. They have talked shit about both The Amazing Atheist and Drunken Peasants. They were featured in Episode 101 when the one that looked like Josh Cuntstein claimed that TJ supports copyright strikes against commentators. Josh didn't seem to know the difference between DMCAs and content ID matches. Like RIDV the amount of people subscribed is unknown because they don't want people to know for some reason.

Rational Roundtable

Main Article: Rational Roundtable

Rational Roundtable is a podcast composed of Canadian Atheist, LanceCplThomas, and some other cunts. The show doesn't cover videos out of fear of being called a ripoff of DP. It's incredibly boring and their name sucks, but they will soon be changing it.

The Godly Bros Podcast

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These are real men

The Godly Bros Podcast is another rip-off of DP created by The Vigilant Christian. It stars The Vigilant Christian Mario as the host and his Godly Bros clone of Scotty. The format is basically a Q&A spread out into an incredibly boring two and a half hour video with talking in between. While not a complete rip-off, it is obvious Mario was heavily inspired by the DP after his guest appearances on it.

The podcast first began after Mario's humiliating defeat(s) on the DP by PaulsEgo and Vegan Gains. Mario decided to go the Henry VIII route and start his own show. It is essentially the reverse version of the DP as it is completely Christian and somewhat mimics the style, but lacks both the fun and the wide variety of topics to focus on. Mario spends most of his time giving useless or false information to his viewers regarding religion and constantly spouts that he and Godly Bro #2 are "real men".

During the first episode, Mario reveals he is not only insane, but also an abusive boyfriend and believes people should value their imaginary friend over their spouse. There was also a Halloween special where Mario teaches parents how to make their kids mindless slaves and not have fun. It is unknown if this podcast will last any longer before the Illuminati shuts it down to oppress Mario's worldview.

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