"Oh yes, all the people I've beheaded, all the bombs I've exploded, all the acid I've thrown in faces, the hands I've cut off... Oh yes, all the murders I've incited, the threats I've made, the poison pen letters I've written, the fatwas I've issued."
―Totally not out of context.[src]

Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and general badass who happens to be a highly vocal atheist. He is less awesome than Christopher Hitchens, but he is still amazing. He was actually born in colonial Kenya. TJ burnt his bestseller The God Delusion (English translation for Mein Kampf) in his own documentary film after doing the same to the Quran and the Bible respectively, in fairness.

A little known fact about Richard Dawkins is that as a high tier atheist, he is part of Satan's secret representatives. TJ may be initiated into the group one day by Dawkins himself. Dawkins has become good friends with atheist YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn, which means her inclusion in his dark order is inevitable.

Vs. Atheism+

Richard Dawkins tweeted a video made by Sye Ten Atheist on Sargon's channel about Feminism and Islam and was immediately attacked by Atheism+ and other SJW Atheist websites. To the point that many of them - including Jenny McDermott - made fun of him for having a stroke.

A Fine Compilation Of Videos Featuring Him


  • TJ believes Dawkins spends too much time on Twitter.
  • He's mad at God.
  • He's going to Hell. [1]
  • He gave Steve Shives a shoutout, proving even the most beautiful man on the planet can make mistakes.[2] Though Steve probably hates and blocks him now, after recent events shown above.
  • Hipster liberal anti-atheists use Richard Dawkins alongside the Amazing Atheist as someone who is just as bad as the religious. [3]
  • Dawkins is the second of the Three Kings of Atheism.
  • He's bangin' the bitch from Dr. Who.
  • Galen doesn't care for Dawkins at all.
  • He doesn't believe in raspberries.
  • He's Illuminati. His likeness can be found on the dollar bill.
  • He's credited with creating the meme.[4]



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