"TJ. Leave. Me. Alone... Please."
—Coughlan begging for his life

Richard "The Dick" Coughlan is a whiny, obscure YouTuber with a meth stain on his face known for his 'pwnage' of other people and for his huge rivalry with TJ/TheAmazingAtheist many years ago. He used to be a prominent YouTube Atheist in the early days of YouTube. He's also apparently a stand-up comedian, and not a bad one.


Coughlan was initially inspired to do rants by watching TJ's earliest work. And quickly established his role as being one of the most viscous ranters on YouTube. In 2009 he became involved with drama between him, TJ, and FakeSagan. He proved 4 days later that he was too butthurt to withstand TJ's onslaught.

His sink into obscurity began in 2010, and he has been irrelevant ever since.


A video by Coughlan was played on DP at some point, and he has also been in a certain Hey Scotty, that has played on the show. Not to mention that they have discussed the whole rivalry between TJ and Coughlan on the show before.

Dick was discussed in Episode 153 when Jenny McDermott accused him of sexually harassing her, namingly telling her that he masturbated to pictures of her and sending her underwear pics. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW.

Because TJ hates Dick, he believed her.

Zust leave me alone

Coughlan's Reaction to Jenny's accusation.


  • He has a weird birth mark on his face.
  • Coughlan looks like and talks like a British Meth-Head
  • His channels have been constantly destroyed by the YouTube Fascists over the years. His current channel is called Dick Coughlan.
  • TJ. Leave. Coughlan. Alone.
  • Please.
  • He's actually a pretty articulate ranter and who has the ability to be witty.
  • Some believe that he is in love with Thumderf00t and uses all sorts of derogatory things to get his attention.
    • Basically, He's Helga from Hey Arnold.


Vid n' shit

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