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An advanced form of Reptilian.


Yeah. They've got tits.

"If we don't exist, then why do we have our own page on the DP Wiki?"
—Official Statement of the Reptilian Association for Proven Extraterrestrials and Total Jurisdiction (R.A.P.E. T.J.)
Reptilians are an extraterrestrial species that can metamorphose into any human form. They manipulate and control all world events. Many sane people featured on DP have been shunned due to their enlightenment about the reptilians. Reptilian sleeper agents in human form are called tares.


TJ is a reptilian. Scotty and Ben are tares. Also, the secret reptilian The Vigilant Christian has been featured on DP. Reptilians have surprisingly not been sexualized extensively by The Drunken Peasants' fan base.

They end up destroying the world in 2071.

Connections to DP Affiliates.


Main Article: Gorilla199

Gorilla199 is a prophet who often speaks of the reptilians and their plots. I wonder how he knows all of this information...

According to Gorilla, one can determine if another individual is a tare or a reptilian, but not a human or a tare. Or something. I don't fucking know.

Patrick Coleman

Main Article: Patrick Coleman

Patrick Coleman was arrested by the reptilians, who definitely were not people working for his alcoholic rehabilitation clinic. He was arrested live on Episode 34. He can sense who is a reptilian through their energy. Patrick's mind has slowly been corrupted by DP into thinking that reptilians might be a fabrication of his own mentally ill mind.


  • A clean white man after being infected by a reptilian.
  • Definite proof of the first lady being a reptilian, taken with a high quality camera.
  • Our lord and savior.
  • The Vigilant Reptilian

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