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Rebecca Kay Watson (born October 18, 1980) (also known as The Skepchick) is a feminist blogger who has been shown multiple times on the Drunken Peasants. She is known for preaching against the apparent sexism in the atheist community (basically trolls on the internet).

Watson is a feminist-approved Public Relations token woman that science conventions can slap on their speaker list as a sacrificial lamb to the Feminazi Angel of Death.


Rebecca has been featured in episodes 29, 58 and 103.


The reason Rebecca acts like a whiny bitch is because in 2011 a male politely asked her if she would like to get coffee together in an elevator one time. She took it as invitation for sex, even though he specifically said "don't take this the wrong way". She took it the wrong way and Richard Dawkins blasted her for it. Her reasoning for such a reaction is that she was single woman in a foreign country at 4 AM (and?)


  • "I bet men who don't understand why mansplaining is annoying also hated Clippy. 'It looks like you're trying to' 'STOP CLIPSPLAINING CLIPPY'" - Em... what? [1]
PI 2014.10.22 online-harassment-03

Oh yes, the 'women face so much harassment and men barely do' narrative totally stands up to scrutiny. It's not like harassment is a problem that faces everyone.

  • '"It’s quite interesting, really – most male supremacists have given up trying to argue that women don’t suffer immense abuse at the hands of misogynists online, because the evidence has grown too great to ignore." [2]
  • "And then of course there’s the use of a sombrero to represent an entire culture. Good one!" - Wearing a sombrero on a vacation means you're representing an entire culture. Kay. [3]


  • She has said liberal male skeptics who don't want to learn about feminism are worse than rape threats. [4]
  • Fellow feminists Ryan Wiley and Jenny McDermott have supported Rebecca's irrationality concerning ElevatorGate. [5][6]
  • She cried about Spider-Man staying a white skin color because identity politics, yay! [7]
  • She got raped by coffee.




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