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"I'm Razörfist, god fucking speed!"
―Razörfist's outro hook he says at the end of his videos.
"Razörfist - Porn = Human Trafficking"
―Part of the title for DP Episode 72 & a mathematical equation derived by Ryan Wiley

Razörfist (also known as The Rageaholic and Razörfish) is a Hipster who reviews games, shitty action movies, and drones on and on about Metal music.


Razörfist's YouTube channel, the Rageaholic, is mostly a review show where he shits on pretty much any popular AAA video game for the most mundane and inconsequential things. He seems to express a distaste for any game that isn't Thief or Deus Ex. He also expresses his love for 80's machismo action films and metal music.

He dresses like an an 80's action movie badass reminiscent of Cobra Cobretti and also has an intense desire to perform fellatio on Snake Pliskin. Above all, he is actually a transsexual hipster douche.

His video game reviews are like Zero Punctuation, except that Yahtzee isn't funny and witty, though Yahtzee's not an egotistical cunt.

There are currently two theories as to why Razörfist wears aviators: 1. Tranny midget porn is usually filmed in basements, thus, the brightness is increased, hence the glasses. 2. He is a HUGE PaulsEgo fan

None of these are confirmed as of yet, but we are currently hiring an expert individual to watch all his video situations to come to the conclusion situation.


He is the third guest (and first white male) on the show who became a friend of the Peasants after attacking TJ, after G Man and Tim Black.

Normally, he would labelled a heretic to the Order of The Drunken Peasants for denying climate change. However, since he was a somewhat entertaining guest, he has somewhat been forgiven for his sins.

He appeared as a guest once again in episode 184, where he debated the peasants on gun control and stayed on during the playing of videos.


  • He finds anime horrifying.
  • His favorite sport is Baseball.
  • His favorite teams are the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • He's the immeasurably stupider, infinitely crustier, and infinitely less secksie clone of AlphaOmegaSin.
  • He has a show called Metal Mythos where he interminably drones on about True Kvlt Norwegian black metal from Romania.  
  • His favorite movie is Cobra.
  • Razörfist has a distaste for mainstream gaming journalism.
  • He used to work at Gamestop.
  • He claims to be the cure to bad video games.
  • The first videos he ever made were ones he made for his friends on
  • He is a member of another podcast: Hate-Bit Podcast, with AlphaOmegaSin who was also a guest on the show.
  • Razörfist is the hipster mirror universe version of AlphaOmegaSin.
  • He got the name "Razörfist" from Alice Cooper slurring his words ever so slightly at the end of the song Freedom, the first track of the 1988 Raise Your Fist And Yell! album.
  • His favorite bands/musicians of all time include Accept, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Danzig, and Motörhead, with Bathory being his uttermost favorite.
  • Lets be honest, he's a fucking idiot about climate change
  • He's a fucking idiot on the topic of gay marriage,[1]  believing that the SCOTUS ruling was illegal, but in his defense, he might just have no clue what the fuck the supreme court does.
  • He's a dumbass birther.
  • He hates our Lord and Savior Todd Howard.
  • The difference between him and porn is human trafficking.
  • He views boobs in video games as exploitative.
  • He claims having 5 minutes of sex scenes in a 35 hour game makes it a "sex simulator".
  • He saw this page in July 2015 and got mildly butthurt. However, upon realizing that this wiki is bullshit, he was less upset. [2]
  • He got destroyed by Paul hard enough on guns to make Hiroshima circa late 1945 look like modern Luxembourg.
  • He was present at the L.A. Meetup, however he was driven there via Pizza delivery man, he was planning on surprising the peasants, (by hiding in a veggie pizza box) but Scotty, in a drug-induced rage, destroyed the pizza, killing him.
  • He is a very cleaver alpha male.
  • He is extremely handsome.
  • He wrote the last two statements himself.


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