Ray Comfort, aka Ray Cumfart or Gay Cumfart, is a gay Christan and former porn star. He now operates as a top-tier creationist from New Zealand. He is married to his gimp Kirk Cameron, but secretly has an affair with Ken Ham. He is mostly known within the atheist community for making terrible arguments, and has had videos made about him by prominent figures such as TJ and Jaclyn.


During episode 34, a video was played where Ray lost a 100 dollar bet.

A video of Ray and some scary-looking guy was played during episode 55. Ray asserted that Lawrence Krauss is Hitler. Not even Kidding.


  • He probably fucked that banana.
  • BananaGate is his favorite movie.
  • He is an asshole on the street
  • He is an asshole on YouTube for trying to remove as many videos making fun of him as he "legally" can.
  • Athests r dum cuz rae cumfart sed sew.
  • He edits atheist interviews to make them look stupid.
  • He's gay and he farts cum
  • He's nothing.  He's garbage.  
  • He converted TJ with his secret weapon.
  • He regularly gives blow jobs to dogs and other individuals of the Canine kind.
  • His company "Living Waters" filed a false DMCA against The Bible Reloaded's review of his anti-gay movie "Audacity" resulting in it's temporary removal from YouTube, despite not containing any footage from the actual film. When contacted Ray claimed to have no involvement in the DMCA and it was rescinded. Hugo and Jake did not press charges despite having the opportunity to sue the shit out of him. The moral of the story is to not let mental invalids run your company.
  • Is the creator of the Crocoduck, proving God doesn't exist.
  • He looks like Rodney Rude, but more pooftah.
  • He once lost 100$ on a bet that there were no Bible contradictions.

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