Randal Howard "RandPaul (born January 7, 1963) is a terrible excuse for an American libertarian becoming more mainstream Republican everyday. He is the offspring of former Senator Ron Paul.

He ran for U.S. president in 2016, however he was more preferable than most Republicans, as he is a non-interventionist and doesn't support keeping pan illegal. He is also against the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance on American citizens, unlike some Democrats.

Sadly he falls under many of the stupid beliefs held by other conservatives, he is adamantly pro-life and wants to ban abortion. He may or may not be for marriage equality, his stance is unknown.

Basically, Rand Paul is the Hippocratic Code come to life if he wins the presidency:


  • It is a common misconception that he is named after Ayn Rand, famous Libertarian writer/philosopher/all around crazy bitch. His father confirmed this to not be the case.[1]
  • Despite how shitty he is, he was probably one of the most rational Republicans running for the 2016 nomination. That's why he had no chance of getting it.
  • He has Ramen Noodle hair.



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