Make like a stripper and have a spin.

<poll> What do you think about the Drunken Recap? It's a faithful compliment to DP and just as entertaining. It's pretty decent Needs some improvement, but okay It's not Random Discussions It's garbage If I wanted to listen to teenagers talk about shit they don't know fuck about, I'd tune in to the Caiden Cowger show </poll> <poll> Who is the worst piece of shit? Bread Queen Theodore Shoebat Ryan Wiley Wild Bill John Cena Stephanie Manure The Vigilant Christian Anita Sarkeesian Bill O'Reilly </poll>

<poll> Which disease do you hope Brett Keane's Family dies of? AIDS Double AIDS Triple AIDS EbolAIDS ISISbola Ass Cancer AIDS Cancer I am a pussy and do not wish pestilence upon the House of Keane. </poll>

<poll> What is the best Brett Keane nickname? Bread Queen Butt King The Stallion Adolf Hitler's Little Helper </poll>

-July, 2015

<poll> Who is the greatest host of Drunken Peasants? Ben TJ Scotty Scotty Cena </poll>

August, 2015

<poll> If you were trapped on a desert island and could have an unlimited supply of one substance to use for nourishment, what would it be? Bananas Pan Eggs Gail's love </poll> Results: 32.77% of voters selected "Gail's love" as the winning answer, narrowly beating "Eggs" by only 2 votes.

September, 2015


43.96% of voters selected "Atheism-Is-Unstoppable" as the winning answer by a sizable margin, with "Vegan Gains" and "Jenny McDermott" coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

October, 2015


60.54% of voters selected "Canada" as the winning answer.

November, 2015

PollNovember2015 The Brett Keane Saga situation won by a landslide with 78.02% of votes.

December, 2015

PollDecemberr2015 Storytime with Paul won with 39.78% of votes.

January, 2016

indivijal sichayashun won with 56.57% of votes.

February, 2016


Da Beast won with 36.97% of votes

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