Brutality by Wayne Tilcock slash Enterprise photo

Police protecting the general public.

Police Brutality (AKA Justice) is how fair, nondiscriminatory police departments handle dangerous savages. Police brutality is frequently lauded by the Drunken Peasants. Policemen such as Wild Bill protect the rights of Americans by shooting them. Police brutality in Albuquerque, Cleveland, and New York City has been covered on the show.

Incidents of police brutality include an unarmed homeless man being lethally shot from point blank range, a 12-year-old child being executed in a drive by shooting for holding a BB gun, an elderly couple being tormented while arrested for a crime they didn't commit, and the Ferguson, Missouri race riots.

Some police beat more than just jews, you feel me?

Cops Beat & Kidnap 12-yo Girl in Front of her Home, Claiming She was a Prostitute29:27

Cops Beat & Kidnap 12-yo Girl in Front of her Home, Claiming She was a Prostitute

An example of how cops protect and serve

Gallery of Injustices

  • Justice in action folks.
  • Only the most necessary force to take people down.
  • Liberal Lies

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