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John Edward Crawley (born November 28, 1977) is a disgusting troll/goblin creature who hails from the backwards state of Mississippi, yet resembles something from your most depraved and worst nightmares.


Famous for having a third ball, John posts atheist YouTube videos on his channel Pimpmunkx while trying (and succeeding) to be as repulsive as possible, providing a very persuasive argument that there is no God or mercy or hope in the universe. Because he is a crude, loudmouth, overweight piece of detestable trash, he easily became a good ally and friend to the Drunken Peasants. His initial popularity was caused by Jaclyn "Plagiarist" Glenn, however, he, to quote Tommy from the Bronx, earned and kept his subs.


Pimpmunk has made two guest appearances on DP. He first appeared in the special edition The New and Improved Drunken Peasants along with Jim Ass, Creationist Cat, Ben and PaulsEgo. TJ and Scotty were absent coz fuck 'em.

He also appeared on the 200th episode. And on episode #242, in which he admits he is cute, fat, and sexy.


  • He's held a fundraiser event for Galen. The hangout featured several people from the DP community, including Ben.
  • He has made out with Paul. Drunken Peasants fans believe this to be the third most beautiful thing to ever happen, the second being bananagate, and the first being 9/11.
  • He was also betrayed by Jaclyn Glenn, despite the fact that he was one of the very few who defended her.
  • Pimpmunk has also demonstrated to be a better person than Jaclyn Glenn at every possible turn.
  • He is also good friends with Tommy From The Bronx.
  • He is the head of the Pimpmunk Show, a longer, low key version of the peasants' show, this show Is recognized by most for being the location of Galen's fundraising event. And He is usually accompanied by: Tommy From The Bronx, The Little Skeptic, and other low life's.
  • Pimpmunkx had an unfruitful wwe/wwf career back in 1993 to 1994



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