"I could drive across Phoenix in an hour."
Phoenix, Arizona is a barren wasteland the smallest city in the world, with about 7 residents. Compared to Los Angeles, Phoenix is the size of a pimple, as Paul so astutely observed on Episode 184. This proves that anyone who owns guns should be executed and their children forced to be used as sex slaves for government officials.

Many conservative retards such as Razörfist will use Phoenix's lack of mass shootings as an indication that gun rights don't automatically equal violence, but PHOENIX IS SMALLER THAN LOS ANGELES THEREFORE BAN GUNS.

Residents of Phoenix

While Phoenix is indeed a very small city, it has some very notable residents, including:


  • It has very lax gun laws.
  • Everyone who lives there has a mental illness.
  • Gays who happen to travel through this barren wasteland are immediately hung.
  • Paul can drive across it in an hour.

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