Phil Robertson is American conservative who is famous for killing ducks with his fake redneck friends on a stupid "reality" TV show. He will put his face on literally anything. He once made national news when his show got cancelled for five minutes because he said that gay people were shit or whatever, but who the fuck cares about this guy?

He was last seen shooting ducks, luring ducks to shoot with the device he invented to make them think he wants to screw them, delivering terribly-written, horrifically graphic speeches all across America, ruining any modicum credibility he might have had with his blatant bigotry.

Recently, Phil has been invited to talk to a lot of conservative events and was featured on Fox News a few times alongside Sean Hannity so he can talk about foreign policy, because of course he's qualified for that. His stupid shit was featured on the podcast in Episode 40 and Episode 75.

He also once delivered a speech on a fantasy he had regarding the rape and murder of an atheist family...that's how big of a cunt this guy is.


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