Peter Hitchens is the evil twin brother of Christopher Hitchens and is 90% a piece of shit. He is a religious, conservative dipshit. Peter is younger than Christopher and is dissimilar to him in every way, but in a bad way.

The one redeemable thing about him is his criticism of political correctness and his views on the Middle East. He has written several books as well. Recently, a video by Messianic Manic has uploaded a response to Peter, who said stupid, stuuupid shit about Atheism:

"Atheists Don't Want God to Exist"-004:32

"Atheists Don't Want God to Exist"-0

WTF? You are stupid, Peter.


He was featured alongside some celebrity guy in a BBC news clip in episode 133. TJ stated how disconcerting it was to listen to someone with Chris Hitchens' voice make stupid arguments.

He also appeared in Episode 155 debating a fat Tumblrette.

His Views

  • He said that the expansion of sex education has led to greater numbers of teen pregnancies and STDs.
  • He's a social conservative.
  • He argues that Christianity is being undermined by liberals and marxists.
  • He's well known for his anti-marijuana views.
  • He's opposed to drug decriminalization and legalization.
  • He opposes sex education.

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