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"All my life I want money and power. Respect my mind or die from lead shower. I pray my dick gets as big as the Eiffel Tower so I can fuck the world for 72 hours."
―Patrick Coleman in response to a small child asking for change.

Patrick Coleman, (also known as Gay Dusty) (which could technically be considered a redundant description), is a psychic, medium and a shaman who has been featured on the Drunken Peasants. He often makes videos about his delusional conspiracies and is speculated to be a devoted troll. Despite this, he comes off as a genuinely nice guy and is undeniably entertaining, although probably for the wrong reasons.


Patrick first appeared on the Drunken Peasants during Episode 33, when his videos were discovered by the peasants, he later agreed to appear on the podcast as a full guest in Episode 34, but he only stayed a short time because he was arrested by the Reptilians. Patrick Coleman spent his last day as a free man with the Drunken Peasants.

He later appeared on Episode 153 in which he was interviewed by the peasants. He discusses his origin as a shaman, the global war on shamanism, and failed to summon TJ a meatball sub. Another video's of his was played in Episode 190 in which he talks about how a shaman is born through pain a suffering. TJ speculates he's Dusty putting on an act.


  • He's actually an actor, so what you see in his videos could all be bullshit.[1]
  • He has been visited by plenty of reptilians in his own house.
  • He is gay and wanted to start a gay christian group that talks to angels and demons .
  • Prior to becoming a shaman, his name was Eric.
  • He has a girlfriend despite identifying as a MGTOW.
  • He also believes in Cthulhu as all wise men do (H.P. Lovecraft forever!!!).
  • He does not discriminate against reptilians.
  • His voice sounds eerily similar to G-Time Johnny's.
  • Reptilian in the street, Man in Black in the sheets.
  • Has his own guide to losing weight (it's methamphetamine)




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