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Patreon is a funding service through which fans of online channels can fund the publications of the channel. It is a highly codified form of e-begging. The Drunken Peasants suck the cocks of all Patreon subscribers, both literally and metaphorically.

In the less-than-regular Shilling segment, the peasants sometimes go through their Patreon page, describing the perks.

Private Shows

The Drunken Peasants do private shows for people that have donated $5 or more to the show on Patreon. They happen monthly., and began at the end of 2014. There have been 17 to date; 10 are available to rent @ $5 per episode (except #11), which afford the renter a year to watch. Rental links below:

  1. December 2014 |
  2. January 2015 |
  3. February 2015 |
  4. March 2015 |
  5. April 2015 |
  6. May 2015 |
  7. June 2015 |
  8. July 2015 |
  9. August 2015 |
  10. September 2015 |
  11. April 2016 (available due to popular demand) |


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