A Window Into PZ Myers14:40

A Window Into PZ Myers

A video about a PZ blog post.

"I agree. PZ Myers must die!"
TJ makes a brilliant declaration.
Pompous Zitbag "PZ" Myers is an acclaimed atheist, infallible feminist, and professional pedophile. While he's not probing his nipples as he scrolls through The Amazing Atheist's Tumblr page, he's making a complete cunt out of himself on all forms of media, including Pornhub, Twitter, Freethought Blogs (which reminds oneself of RationalWiki) and RedTube.

PZ loves to pompously act as if he's so skeptical that he can smugly criticise anyone he wants. He incorrectly believes Atheism to be a movement, which leads to PZ making shitty blog posts where he shits on Atheism for several paragraphs at a time.

He bares a striking resemblance to that of a spastic child molester with a complimentary salt-and-pepper beard.  


The only reason this fucknut kiddy-fiddler remains relevant is through the Drunken Peasants Podcast, in which he was mentioned on the 113th show. It was just about some bullshit regarding some butthurt Irish atheist organization not wanting to be associated with PZ, go figure.  

His only known family is his daughter and loving wife Rebecca Watson and their offspring consisting of Ryan Wiley and Amanda Todd. 

Civic Duty

Zitbag is actually very keen on performing civic duty. Just ask Michael Shermer. PZ was kind enough to publish third hand, anonymous rape accusations about him on his blog.


"These Swedish & Norwegian men are GORGEOUS."
―His opinion on the taste of Swedish and Norwegian penises.[src]
"Isn’t it fascinating how many men are absolutely certain that most rape accusations are completely false, that it’s just wicked women conspiring to bring men down?"
―PZ ignoring reality - nowadays some people tend to believe rape accusations (made by women) without evidence, and most of the remaining wait for the evidence (like we should - a 'innocent until proven guilty' system must be upheld). [1][2][src]


Young PZ

PZ Myers at a young age.


You don't need to follow him on Twitter. He has plenty of bots following him already.

  • When Armoured Skeptic did a video about Steve Shives, PZ wrote a snippy passive aggressive article about it where he wrote stupid shit; such as thinking a flashback joke involving an afro-sporting 70's Skeptic was a real previous video. As well as admitting he only watched about the first five minutes of the video before declaring Skeptic every buzzword in the book. He also blocked Skeptic on Twitter after a single unoffensive tweet trying to argue points.



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