"I touched a girl. I touched a boy. It's North Korean pride!"
—Kim Jong-Fun, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.
North Korea aka Best Korea is the best nation in Asia. The current leader is Kim Jong-Un, who is the only fat person in the nation who is also a confirmed pedophile, however he shall be no more when Kim Jong-Il awakens from his great slumber. The capital of the nation is Pangyang.


The Drunken Peasants talked about North Korea in Episode 50 at the 1 hour 5 minute mark when a company was taking people to North Korea for tourism. They opposed it and thought it was dangerous. They don't know that North Korea is awesome and that pan is legal there, though.

Life in North Korea

Life in North Korea is awesome. The people are perpetually high and get to see the best person in the world, Kim Jong-Un, everyday. 95% of the population starve and live in poverty, but it's still fucking awesome because they can freely smoke pan to distract themselves. The people of North Korea can't access the internet. The reason being is because the internet will distract them from all the fun they are having in the nation. It will also expose the citizens to stupidity.

Also public dickings are legal there, so it's instantly better than America.



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