Farage watching BananaGate 2011

"For every good idea we have, we have a hundred bad ones, all poised to fuck you in the ass."
—Nigel Farage every time he opens his face area.
Nigel "I'm Not Racist... but..." Farage is the current leader of UKIP, and the first living meme to run for Prime Minister and the chosen one, prophesied to destroy the EU and bring balance to the force. He gained widespread popularity in the UK from easily led morons, by scapegoating immigrants as the primary cause for everything wrong with the world and the universe.
Just chillin'

Just chillin'.

His controversial plan to create a 300 ft wall of ICBMs around the coastal line of the UK gained a large backlash from the liberal hippy nigger-loving Europhiles who would let rapists live in women's changing rooms who claimed his views were "questionable".


Nigel Farage is the only party leader with a personality (with the exception of another). Because of this, he and his party's popularity will continue to rise since many UK citizens view politics like professional wrestling, and care more about how well written and well performed their favorite candidates are rather than whether or not they have their best interests at heart. An origin story similar to this fond fellow.

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