Nexus, The Patreon Guest also known as Alex, was a Patreon guest on episode 135. His appearance was listless and boring. To be honest, though, he was a decent guest of Morte calibur. He's also an Iron Man worshipper.


He became an Amazing Atheist fan after seeing TJ's Ten Commandments video. After watching TJ submit himself to Iron Man (proof in video below), he became a fan on the spot.


-Nexus to his history description.

Breaking All Ten Commandments!10:27

Breaking All Ten Commandments!

I am also starting my youtube channel back up, here is a new video.
JoJo Eyes of Heaven Part 121:24

JoJo Eyes of Heaven Part 1


Nexus appeared for about half of Episode 135. During which, Ben remarked how he likes him better than Jim Ass. I also wished to show the Drunken Peasants a Hey Scotty video I made, I unfortunately they couldn't play it on the channel but I never got to hear what they thought of it, but I had a blast being on the podcast.


  • Proven by his references to the Magna/Anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically to the charectar DIO you can gather that he only watched the anime and has poor taste in villains
  • The only thing you need to get his loyalty and affection is to mention Iron Man.
  • Probably the only reason he has a page on here is because the hosts and him speculated that our wiki was going to berate him in Episode 135.
  • He's attacked Brett Keane's family, which makes himself the first serial killer to be a guest on the show.
  • He is the ultimate shill.
  • He is completed his journey to get AIDS.
  • He removed all the content of this page for no reason, despite him most likely being aware the criticisms/insults are #satire. I never removed anything, but I did update some minor info, I know it easy to edit I didn't remove anything. I also find this page, TJ, Ben, and Scotty hilarious. I did add a few extra things today though ;)
  • He's the Drunken Peasants equivalent of that Cena shill who whipped his dick out on camera.


  • "Brett Keane is useless, useless, useless." - Nexus attacking Brett Keane's waterheaded family which is lower than frog piss, WRRRRYYYYY.
  • "I'm trying Canadian." - Nexus can't do accents. "I like to think I can" -Nexus typing this in a Canadian accent.
  • "Die of AIDS." - TJ to Nexus, who said he'd try. To which I succeeded.

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